The Wolf and the Leopard

The Wolf and the Leopard

In a general sense I think society has conditioned us to be less self sufficient and to always depend on societies bosom.

Which is ironic since we probably grew up on formula milk lol (my humour is not for everyone) but for real, how deep is that concept? How powerful is the machine we call society? If it can essentially draw us away from our most based instinct or is it merely the human evolving?

I ponder these question’s  from time to time as I myself try to become more self sufficient. (Dont worry I’m not breast feeding lol or am I?)

Now remember I’m talking in a general and metaphorical sense, so I acknowledge that for some individuals formula milk would be more beneficial due to medical conditions and so forth and personal preference, I’m merely questioning how we got here.

Did the human being naturally lead itself here or were we led or coaxed by an unnatural agenda? OK…………I’ll stop, this is getting a little too deep lol especially for a Monday lol and especially for a sheep!

P.S. note to self, Definitely put that last sentence in a song lol

P.P.S only I could create something so profound yet centered on breasts lol